Lighting Illumination Value of Golf Course

What is the specific content of the general provisions of the golf course lighting?

1. Shot area illumination

(1) horizontal illumination of the hitting area: the average horizontal illumination of the hitting area of the main bar should be above 150Lx;

(2) vertical illumination of the hitting zone within 30 meters:

The average vertical illumination behind the main bar area should be over 100Lx;

B the average vertical illumination at 100 meters in front of the hitting area should be over 300Lx;

C. The average vertical illumination at 200m in front of the hitting zone should be above 150Lx.

2. Channel illumination

In the total length of the channel, both horizontal and vertical illumination, to provide good lighting conditions for the ups and downs of the hilly area. The average level of illumination required should be above 120Lx. The average vertical illumination should be over 50Lx.

The vertical illumination is the average vertical illumination on the cross-section of the effective width within 30m of the vertical height on the channel.

3. Lighting of putter green area

Push green areas should also have adequate lighting. The shadow caused by the player hitting the ball in multiple directions in the area should be minimized. The average level of illumination in this area should be above 250Lx.

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