illumination design

Many people know that in the design of the city as a whole lighting design, we must follow the relevant principles and standards of illumination design, only under the guidance of these standards, the design of things more in line with the requirements, what are the standards? 

1, The led flood light should have a sense of direction in the space of the position does not stop to represent in meters and centimeters of the physical coordinates, but also represents the social and cultural position of people.   

Light in the city is the most easily perceived coordinates, “modern”, “Fashion”, “wilderness” or “flourishing”, these are the position of the light to feel. 

2, lighting should be building and interior design integration. When lighting design for buildings, lighting should be an integral part of architecture and interior design, integrated into it.

3, in the selection of its form, color and materials, lighting should understand the design intent. In architectural illumination, the careless use of colored light will result in the loss of space boundary and material information.   

It is meaningful when you express yourself as an art, but it needs to be handled in light design as appropriate for space use.   

4, LED flood lights should create an atmosphere, to meet people’s needs and expectations. Lighting can guarantee the function, but also used to shape the building and space, creating atmosphere and storytelling.

Light has a touching charm, can inspire free, rich, clever association, light can be strengthened, weakened, virtual, manifested and other unique means of expression, to render a specific space atmosphere, shaping a variety of different spatial character, so that the interior space of the material exists to rise to the spirit of the height. The space and the light environment have the similar side, all have the embodiment spirit characteristic, the space and the light environment fusion will enhance its spirit content.

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