working principle of LED flood lights

What Is the Working Principle Of LED Flood Lights?

1)In fact, it is a kind of LED lamp, which is made from GaAs, Gallium arsenide, AlGaAs and other semiconductors, which convert electric energy into light energy.

(2) it is mainly composed of the Player and the active layer in the middle of N layer and P type semiconductor formed by N type semiconductor.

(3) When using different materials, different levels of energy will emit different colors of light, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue or invisible light. The higher the forward current, the brighter the luminous stability of the LED is also affected by the stability of the current. Therefore, the constant current source of the LED flood lights with stable current should be chosen as far as possible in the application.

Advantages Of Led Flood Lights

(1)The circuit has the function of overcharge and over-discharge protection, which makes the battery life long and the product is stable and good working condition for a long time.

(2)Adopt high-performance nickel-cadmium battery. With large capacity, high efficiency, safety exit indicator lamp product overview: automatic fire emergency marker lamp in the normal operation of AC power supply, the automatic implementation of battery charging work, when the AC power due to failure and can not supply power normally, In less than 1 second, the marker lamp can be converted into emergency state of standby power supply, always making the direction, right direction, and double side etc.

(3)Lamps shell, the panel is made of non-combustible material, and an internal wire is made of flame retardant wire with temperature more than 125 ℃.

(4)LED with high efficiency and energy saving has the advantages of high brightness, low energy consumption, large area and long life.

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