ufo high bay light

What is UFO High Bay Light?

UFO high bay light, named for its unique shape and beautiful appearance like UFO (unidentified flying object). The high-precision and fully automated equipment are used to form the aluminum fin heat-dissipating shell once, which has good heat dissipation effect. It adopts multiple patch-type high-power high-efficiency high-sensitivity high-definition 3030LED lamp beads, uniform light, with Meanwell circular power supply; equipped with a respirator It can effectively prevent fog from being generated due to the environmental temperature difference, and has good waterproof and dustproof performance.

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Is the UFO high bay light easy to install?

This question is very good. Why do you say this? We design a product. If even the most basic installation is so complicated and how incredible, it will greatly reduce the user experience, right? For the user: the simpler the operation, the better the user experience!

Installation is divided into two steps:

1. Install the expansion screw with a look at the position you need to install (the lamp itself is equipped with a lifting ring or hook) for easy installation.

2. Connect the cable source to the corresponding hot wire, neutral wire and ground wire at the location where you need to install it. A switch control is OK and the installation is complete.

What are the advantages of UFO high bay light ?

a. Beautiful appearance, rich in content, we call it UFO, listening to the name is very special, we believe that the use of customer projects, will certainly enhance the overall image of the project,

Unique, high performance, this product can be used in high-end exhibition halls, restaurants, special mines, or anywhere you need to achieve the desired effect.

b. UFO high bay light launched by Razorlux can be made from 60W to 240W. The power is optional. For different wattages, the installation height can reach 8-15 meters, uniform illumination and no dark area. High-purity aluminum reflector, the lamp housing, and heat sink; 5mm high-strength tempered glass cover; single high-power LED light source; high-efficiency imported constant current source.

c.UFO high bay light can be used for power range: 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 180W, 200W, 240W; UFO mining lamp advantages: high luminous efficiency, anti-glare, waterproof grade can do IP65, beautiful appearance, heat dissipation effect Good, lightweight and small package size, greatly reducing transportation costs, thus improving product cost performance.

5. Where are the UFO high bay light used?

a, ufo high bay light application is also very broad can be divided into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, as the name suggests, since it is said that outdoor lighting applications are not to be afraid of rain and sand (waterproof rating IP65), very responsible to tell you – -Absolutely.

b. Indoor lighting applications should be analyzed according to different environments. If applied to mines, chemical, oil stations, inflammable and explosive places, the products must have: explosion-proof and fireproof. For example, application to general venue lighting such as workshop high-bay lighting, warehouse ceiling lighting, 4S shop lighting, waiting room lighting, stadium lighting, sports hall lighting.

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