lighting effect of led parking lot light

The reasonable design of the cloth lamp is very important for improving illuminance uniformity, stereoscopic sense, reducing glare and satisfying illumination requirements. 

The lighting effect of led parking lot light is different. At present, many of the domestic car park using high pole or half high pole lamp lighting, lighting layout points, such parking more prominent problem is the whole car park in the lighting uniformity is poor, and stop the vehicle slightly more, will form occlusion shadow, aggravating its uneven. In contrast to this is the use of ordinary street lamp poles, lamps layout point more (relative to the former) situation. 

The investigation found that this kind of cloth lamp way through reasonable distribution lamps and the choice of the led flood light fixtures, in order to achieve the same illuminance with the former, the latter’s illuminance uniformity is obviously better, such venues are more convenient to use, people reflect better.

Therefore, combined with the above analysis of the present situation and the layout characteristics of the parking lot, this car park design uses the height low single head street lamp, half light type lamps and lanterns, in the field boundary range arrangement, the lamp arrangement point many, enhances the illumination uniformity, simultaneously reduces the parking lot to the periphery road and the building caused the parking lot lights interference.

Specific lighting Arrangement: 8 meters installation height, lamp pole landing installation form, on both sides of the external side of the parking space symmetrical layout (road width of 14 meters), spacing 25 meters. Lamp installation Power 126W. The entrance of the lamp should be narrowed to improve illuminance level.

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