outdoor tennis court lighting

Which outdoor tennis court lighting is better, anti-glare tennis stadium

Outdoor tennis courts and outdoor basketball courts to install the lighting requirements are somewhat similar, have to consider the use of poles, and some design around the fence, will consider the design of the fence. This is one of the installation methods, more or the way the pole.

Light pole used 6 meters or 8 meters

According to the different requirements, we should choose different watt led flood light.

If the tennis court is a single tennis court, you can consider using a double lamp or three lights. If it is multi-chip tennis court can also consider a four-lamp double or a six-lamp double-headed. The overall effect is very good!

We have a new project in Italy indoor tennis court. In this tennis court, we use eight 150w led flood light. But still, you can see it is very bright in this court.If you have any project where need led flood light, please contact us.

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