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Now there are a lot of units to transform a table tennis court, as the normal fitness also let employees have a place to entertain, but there are many lights do not know what the lighting is good, some choose a very ordinary lamp, brightness is far from reach, so the lighting must be professional glare LED lights.

illumination of LED tennis court lighting

If the led tennis court lighting effect is good, the mood of the ball is also good. Table tennis as China’s national ball, is an athlete response speed and attention to the level of high demand for sports, so the table tennis venues on the lighting requirements are also very high, generally speaking, table tennis Hall illumination and sports area illumination ratio can not be less than 50%, that is, table tennis Mesa average illuminance must not be less than 500LX, The illumination of motor should be greater than 250LX.


However, at present, many of the various areas of China’s table tennis court lighting can reach this standard is not much, many of the arena managers to table tennis lighting requirements do not pay attention to the lighting means often not professional, resulting in poor lighting environment, glare, stroboscopic and other phenomena occur frequently. And long-term in this poor lighting environment, the table tennis enthusiasts will cause a certain degree of harm and impact, light is prone to visual fatigue, heavy may even appear transient visual failure, so we must pay attention to table tennis Stadium lighting problems.


The Table Tennis Museum is more suitable to use LED lights, because the LED lamp is more energy-saving, and can choose different color temperature. Want to choose yellow color temperature low, want white light color temperature low. The light of the LED is more straight. Now the LED modelling is changeable, the proposal chooses the fin to be many and thick, the heat dissipation is good, may reduce the light decay.

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