LED lighting technology has developed to the present day, the overall performance of LED optical modules has been quite stable, the key to directly affect the life of lighting is the reliability of power supply drive, there are data that more than 70% of LED outdoor lighting failures are caused by power failure or instability. cause.

At the same time, outdoor lighting is also the focus of many LED lighting companies in the field of competition and competition, but the outdoor lighting application environment due to thunderstorms, summer high temperatures, winter cold and other natural phenomena are inevitable, more complex than the indoor environment, so the power supply The reliability requirements of the drive are also more stringent. What kind of protection can the outdoor lighting products have for the outdoor environment that is more harsh than the indoor environment?

A good outdoor lighting driver power supply should have the following protective capabilities:

  1. Lightning protection capability. As we all know, the outdoor lightning strike climate is very harmful to the power supply. There are usually several types of direct lightning, conductive lightning, and induced lightning. Inductive lightning is the most common, and the power supply is also the most damaged, often producing 4KV or higher. Good power supply should have better lightning protection capability, and follow the relevant national design standards (GB/T 17626.5, which is equivalent to IEC-61000-4-5, specifies differential mode compression 2KV, common mode compression 4KV). Based on the climate characteristics of lightning strikes, the lightning protection design of Zhongheng Paiwei power supply is usually higher than the national standards.
  2. The differential mode compression is 4KV and the common mode compression is 6KV. Of course, in addition to the integrated power supply lightning protection design, some special lightning strike dense areas, lighting users can also refer to IEC61643-1 or EN61643-11 and other related standards, add independent lightning arrester at the front end of the lighting transmission, the effect will be better .

3, resistance to high temperature and cold resistance. In some areas, the outside temperature can be as high as 50 ° C, and at the lowest point is often as low as minus 30 ° C, which requires the power supply must have a wide range of working ring temperature, Zhongheng dispatch power supply through careful selection and excellent heat dissipation design, at -40 A wide range of work from °C to +70 °C ensures reliable and stable performance.

4, waterproof ability. Although the power supply of the market is rainproof and waterproof, the protection ability is very different. The protection level of rain protection only requires IP65, while the protection level of waterproof requires IP67, which means it can be safely used even if the power supply is immersed in water. It can avoid the influence of humid moisture, salt spray, etc. on the internal PCB circuit and components of the power supply.

In addition, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and even over-power protection of the power supply are also essential.

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