outdoor led flood lighting design

With the development of society, people on the outdoor led flood lighting efficiency and security put forward higher requirements, which need to be in the design phase to pay attention to, then outdoor lighting design to consider what matters? 

1, lighting color industry standards tend to the relevant color temperature (CCT) 4000K, color-rendering index (CRI) 70.The acceptable range is usually CCT3000K-5000K,CRI 70 or 80.

2, The design requirements of the brightest outdoor flood lights, the park lighting, block lighting, garden lighting and other applications are representative of a group of different visual tasks, need to be applied design technology and optical technology to solve.Different environments have different requirements for security, identification, and speed of identifying objects. 

3,Consider the main points to consider navigation or occupy space required visual tasks; Determine the lighting levels and consistency issues required to perform the task, ensure overall lumen output and installation high to reduce glare and increase visibility; respect the red line, reduce light intrusion; to prevent light pollution, choose a luminaire that minimizes light on the horizon. 

4,Wholesale best outdoor led flood light will help to ensure that the visual environment can be evenly illuminated, lamps with a low enough angle distribution of light to prevent too bright and glare. This increases visibility and security.

5,Lighting selection in energy consumption and light utilization, led is more efficient. Led failure rate is low, lumen maintenance rate is low, change lamp maintenance cycle long, reduce maintenance costs. On the other hand, modern LED flood light provides control options to turn off lighting or reduce power when lighting is not needed, both to save energy and to protect the environment.

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