basketball court lighting fixtures

What requirements should basketball court lighting fixtures meet?

  (1) The symmetry light distribution lamp should be used for the top layout. It is suitable for the gymnasium which mainly uses low space and has a high level of illuminance evenness on the ground, and has no television broadcasting requirements.

  (2) Asymmetrical light fixtures should be used on both sides of the cloth, and they should be arranged on horse tracks. It is suitable for gymnasiums with high vertical illumination requirements and TV broadcast requirements. When lighting for indoor basketball court on both sides, the aiming angle of the lighting should not exceed 65 degrees. Figure 6.3.2-2,

(3) The lighting arrangement should use a variety of basketball court lighting fixtures, suitable for large-scale integrated gymnasiums. The layout of the lamps is shown in the top layout and on both sides.

  (4) Lamps with medium and wide beam light distribution should be used according to the basketball court lighting layout. They are suitable for architectural space with lower floor height, larger span and top grid reflection conditions, and are also suitable for strict restrictions on glare without TV The gymnasium required for the broadcast does not apply to suspended luminaires and building structures on which horses are installed.

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