led light does not light up

What if the led light does not light up? The led light does not light up.

1. First of all, we can check first, whether the LED flood light is not working properly due to the power supply part, and the light bulb is not bright. If it is, the power supply line can be checked. If the power supply is normal, the led light will be connected to the above indicator light. 

2. Next, if we are not lit, we still need to check the positive and negative pins of the led dome light to see if the led dome light we operate has been correctly connected during operation. If the bulb does not illuminate if there is an incorrect operation, re-welding the led dome light can generally be solved.

3. The quality problem of the LED lamp bead itself can also cause the LED lamp bead to be off, because some LED lamp bead chips have leakage current. This situation is also likely to cause the LED lamp bead to be used for a period of time after the lamp is dead. The solution is to prevent the lamp as much as possible. 

How to do if the LED light does not light up – the LED light does not light up how to repair

1. Due to the soldering of the led lamp bead pin, the temperature during soldering is too high, and the LED lamp bead is not bright due to the long welding time. If yes, the solution: use rosin flux to solve the problem that the LED pin is not easy to tin. In addition, pay attention to the temperature when the soldering is not too high, try not to exceed 270 degrees, and the time should not exceed 3 seconds.

2. Check the current of the led lamp bead and check whether the current at both ends of the led lamp bead exceeds the working current of the Led lamp bead. If it is, this situation is also likely to cause the Led lamp bead not to be bright. The solution is to select a suitable constant current. Power, try not to buy those power supplies. In order to prevent the Led lamp from penetrating due to excessive power supply current, the lamp bead does not illuminate the lamp.

3. The static electricity is too large, which is also the cause of the LED lamp beads not shining. The solution is to wear ESD gloves or related protective equipment to reduce the impact of static electricity on the lamp beads.

The above is a few common reasons why the LED light is not bright for everyone. The reason why the led light is not bright is that there are more. When you encounter the led light, it is necessary to accurately find the led light. The reason for the bright, and then according to the specific cause of the led light does not shine, to carry out specific maintenance of the led light, so that you do not have to worry about the led light does not shine on our work and life, I hope that the introduction of the small series here It is helpful for everyone to carry out the repair of the led light.

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