High-power LED Stadium Lights

Table tennis is our country’s national football, is also one of the common people in the country love sports, throughout the country regardless of indoor or outdoor distribution of ping-pong venues. Table tennis is carried out on a ping pong table with a length of 2.74m, a width of 1.52m, a height of 0.76m and a height of 0.1525m. The size of the ping-pong field is not less than 7m * 14m, as shown below. At least 3.24m above the table should not be obstructed. According to this standard shows under normal circumstances ping-pong led sport court lightingspace height of not less than 4m.

Indoor table tennis venues commonly used cloth lights in three ways: uniform cloth lights, cloth lights on both sides and mixed cloth lights (for large-scale integrated stadiums). Consider the use of cloth lights when we first need to test the performance of the use of venues can be divided into three categories: general entertainment, professional competitions, television broadcasts. According to the different nature of the use of illumination requirements are not the same.

Also need to consider the height of space and structure of table tennis venues, such as table tennis hall space height of 4-6m (ceiling decoration), zhihai table sports court lighting can be used.

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