Commercial gym lighting

Any type of high bay lighting, led, fluorescent, induction, metal halide, mercury vapor or virtually any other lighting technology can be used. Commercial gym lighting is designed for gymnasium so they diffuse the light as a standard lamp does but also focus it more intensively downwards to the gymnasium floor instead of spreading it evenly around a small room as traditional fixtures would.

Brief project overview:  

Our team would pause for one week near China to coordinate the transition of 4 China elementary school gymnasiums to low-wattage commercial gym lighting . Along with our fixture donations, we would also supply energy and environmental education materials to the students to teach them the incredible things these new gym lights were doing for their school and their planet. 

Why gymnasiums? To positively affect as many students as possible.  

*Transitioning an entire school to LED costs a lot of money, so we decided to go for a more realistic goal and focus on one location at each school to spread our impact. We chose gymnasiums as our focus because gym light fixtures use more energy than any other fixtures on campus. With the large number of high wattage fixtures combined with the long burn hours (gyms are in use before, during, and after school), we could save each school the most on their electric bills by concentrating on their gyms.   

How much will the schools save? 

Close to $110,000 each in energy savings and $15,000 each in maintenance savings over the lifespan of the fixtures.  Each school will save around $5,500 a year, which is enough to provide 5 classrooms with new computer systems. The schools will also no longer have to buy replacement bulbs for their tradition fixtures that burn out every 3-4 years.  

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