warehouse lighting fixtures

The lighting design of the factory is mainly based on the production requirements and illumination standards, select lighting sources and lamps, determine the lighting scheme, calculate the illuminance, and calculate the general illuminance using the utilization coefficient method.

Example: A mechanical and electrical industrial plant, steel structure, production of fire hazards for the D type. Plant length is 270m, width is 72m, longitudinal column spacing is 8m, horizontal column spacing is 9m, and the lower chord of the truss is 12. 7m high. The reflectance of the ceiling in the workshop is ρc = 50%, the wall reflection ratio ρw = 30%, and the floor reflection ratio ρf = 20%. Please design the warehouse high bay lighting .

1) Light source selection

According to the lighting requirements of the process, and based on the “GB 50034 -2004 architectural lighting design standards” 5.3.1 of the table 5. 3. 1. 2, the factory is a general welding, forging factory room, factory lighting is generally set as 200lx. The height of the top part of the plant is 11.4m. Considering the installation height of the luminaire as 12m and the installation height of more than 10m, the color rendering index of the combined lighting of the factory requires Ra = 20 to 60, and the 400W mining lamp is selected.

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