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LED Flood lights are not just excellent when it comes to security, but they are good for bringing down your energy bills. If you are planning to shop for this light, here is a guide to help you out.

Why should you choose a LED Flood light?

The first thing you should know is that LED flood lights have a wide range of uses. Right from security purpose to lighting your porch, you can use these lights be it residential or commercial illumination. The good thing about these lights is that they consume a very lesser energy, while still providing the amount of illumination that you could never match by using halogen flood lights and other bulbs. As compared to with halogen counterparts, they can last for more than 50,000 hours. Even, some of these lights come with addition set of features like motor sensors.

How about the brightness?

When you are confused with the brightness of these lights, you should consider different factors. Initially, you should consider the location. You should decide the area that should be lighted with this light. The thing to remember here is that when installing, you should make sure that the illuminant should not distort the vision of the oncoming drivers. To avoid it, you can just install the light pointed downwards at 220 angles.

Be it  LED wall pack light, the brightness is measured in lumens and not in watts. For instance, a 10-watt flood light will give the same illumination like a 60-watt halogen, but will consume lesser energy. Here 10-watt LED flood light can produce a brightness of 900 lumens. So, consider the brightness before you shop.

Where to use the LED Flood lights?

The good thing about these illuminants is that they come with IP65 ratings. It means that these lights are anti-dust and waterproof. So, you not need to worry if you plan to use them on outdoors damp locations. So, in places, where you use high bay light like in swimming pool or garden, you can use flood lights.

How much does it cost to have LED flood lights?

When you choose a dependable dealer, you will get the option to compare different flood lights from different brands. So, you can choose one that comes within your budget. Even, you can get solar powered flood lights when you choose a dependable dealer. Even though the initial cost will be higher in solar lights, they will bring you better savings in the long run as they do not rely on your home electricity and they take power from the sun during daytimes to illuminate your areas at nights.

The sole reason why people are shifting to the use of LED lights is that of the money they save with this investment. When you mount a light, you have to pay for the equipment, electricity usage, maintenance as well as replacement of the lights.

With LED flood lights, you’ll have to make a one-time investment in the equipment and then you can save up to 80 to 90% power usage with each light.

The total electricity bill cost is reduced.

The LED lights that we offer come with energy saving controls like the motion, daylight and microwave-based motion sensors, and photocells.

These lights come with a great feature of IP rating. This is what decides about the amazing performance of the lights in conditions like rain, dust wind and in the presence of insects. In either condition, the LED flood lights will work best and you won’t have to invest money in other special lights.

They last for a long (6 times longer), long time which means the replacement events would be less. The annual maintenance cost estimated by the users is also lower as compared with the use of other lights. Also, our lights come with a warranty period of 10 years

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