volleyball court led lighting

Stadium Lighting. What’s the first thing to do?

The quality of service of large sports facilities is determined by many factors, and the coverage of this issue plays an important role. A Well-functioning lighting system provides the best conditions for comfortable cognitive perception, eliminates the blinding effect, helps to illuminate the entire game space.

For Television filming and broadcast, stadium led light should not distort the reality in the frame, general species, large plans should transmit a clear and clear picture to the screen in continuity mode and under different rakursami. All participants in the sports event, including viewers, should be given the opportunity to see the game zone well, all movement of players and game items.

The Designing Lighting System for large sports facilities is also necessary to ensure safety for players and viewers, to take into account the risks of emergency situations. For this purpose, all communications at the stadium must be lighted according to safety techniques. In this connection, it should be borne in mind that, in the event of an unforeseen shutdown of the main led stadium light fixtures, the possibility of re-Listing With Fluorescent Lamps Only occurs after a few minutes when the lamps are deactivated.

 The impossibility of rapid re-activation of a hot lamp after it has been deactivated at least for a fraction of a second creates known risks in sporting events with and without the broadcasts, and also creates a security threat. For all of the above reasons, more attention has been given to the powerful led searchlights in recent years. The ability to instantaneous reset Rgl Ultra Ultra-1000 from zhihai, whose time of entry to the working mode is only a few seconds regardless of the time of work, minimize the risks of causing unpleasant consequences when accidents occur.

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