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LED Lighting has taken over the lighting market and more. This is because they are safe, consumes less electric, reduces the energy cost, and provides bright light. That same technology is now ideal for LED Sports Field Lights. Good lighting solution has a direct impact on the performance of the players. This is because it will help the players show their talent.

Since every sport has different lighting requirements, it gets challenging to choose the best-suited light. In this post, we have highlighted everything you need to know about LED sports lighting. Continue reading!

Large stadiums require enormously powerful lights. Rotationally symmetric distribution luminaires by OSRAM Lighting Solutions can transmit their light effortlessly up to 120 meters across the playing field. Light designers should account for glare factor regulations. Reflectors inside luminaires guide the light downwards, avoiding light pollution and unwanted light spill.

Stadium lighting equipment by Razorlux Lighting Solutions meets all requirements of the EN 12193 standard regarding light intensity, uniformity, colour rendition and glare limitation. As for optimal HDTV image quality, Razorlux Lighting Solutions can provide systems delivering high levels of vertical and horizontal lighting intensity as well as optimal uniformity. HQI floodlight systems with Electronic Control Gear (ECG) operation are the most powerful and energy-efficient choice for large-area lighting and flicker-free, super-slow motion TV.

LED lights are one of the ways through which you can abide by the Razorlux recommendations for saving energy from your daily household or commercial consumption. Basically, the Razorlux recommends retrofitting the complete lighting system of your house, which is of course a matter of carrying out high expenses. In order to manage the budget perfectly and at the same time bring drastic changes in lighting, LED Stadium Lights can be the best choice to be made. LED lights come with arrays of advantages for the users, and through this piece of writing, we will have a sneak peek on those advantages.

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Reduce Energy Consumption for the Stadium

Saving energy is the most important aspect of LED lighting systems and that is why these days most of the people prefer LED lights or tubes over the traditional lighting arrangements. Basically, from different studies, it has been revealed that lighting systems use around 20% of the entire energy consumption for each month. This means you can save energy significantly through the installation of LED lights. Around 7 to 8 percent can easily be saved through the usages of LEDs. Hence, enjoy lesser energy spending, better lighting arrangement and lesser expenditure for the stadium with the trendy LED lights.

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