100w led flood light

100W led floodlight utilization efficiency of about 80%, high pressure sodium lamp light utilization efficiency is generally 40% -45%. Here by 43% due to structural reasons, led easy to light, light utilization, high pressure sodium belongs to 360 degrees light, poor utilization of light.

As the high-pressure sodium lamp color is poor, although the high-pressure sodium lamp lumens slightly higher, but the actual eye can effectively use the lumens is about 70%, which leads to an intuitive concept (I engage in) , The actual use of lumens.

100 watt led flood light color can be basically used by the human eye, which can be seen 100w led lamp and 250w high pressure sodium lamp street lamp the actual use of lumens basically the same. Led point glow, the lens can be perfectly adjusted to the required light distribution curve. In the actual light effect led this one obvious advantages. Can effectively avoid glare and excessive lighting.

2.1 high pressure sodium light color is yellow, color temperature and imaging index are relatively low. Solar imaging index of 100, while the high-pressure sodium lamp imaging index is only about 20 (yellow).

2.2 LED light source color temperature of the lamp can be flexibly selected between 4000-7000K, imaging index up to 80 or more, the light color of the lamp closer to natural light.

2.3 sodium lamp bulb structure determines the low utilization of light lamps, only about 40%. Most of the tube’s 360 ° light angle must be reflected by the reflector before reaching the designated area.

2.4 LED lamps Light source utilization is high, about 90% LED light angle of light with the lighting angle can be consistent, so most of the light is the lamp directly to the designated area, only a small part of the reflection, so the led flood lights 100w utilization is high.

2.5 high pressure sodium bulbs start a long time, start again when you need to have a certain time interval. High-pressure sodium lamp in power 5 to 10 minutes of time, to achieve the normal brightness, start again the interval is generally greater than 5 minutes.

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