cricket field lighting

Traditional Cricket stadium lights have a long pole on which lights are fixed. This is done because several times, the ball travels too high when a batsman hits it and high lights are needed to keep the ball in sight. However, many cricket stadiums have different types of floodlights like the Stadium in the world.

The importance of cricket stadium flood light

It is important to have good quality cricket field lighting so that players can follow the movement of the ball when it is travelling at high speeds.

When it comes to cricket ground lighting design it is important that not only the bowler but the batsman are not in direct view of the light source. When considering a new or upgrade to cricket field flood lighting it is important to balance the grounds main purpose for lighting against the initial expense, ongoing energy efficiency and ongoing maintenance programs/costs and the implications for the management and supervision of the facility.

Razorlux have offered “turnkey” cricket field flood lighting and outdoor lighting solutions for 40 years. No matter what the sport or level of competition, our cricket ground lighting design team draw on engineers, utilising the latest software, and will design the most cost effective and efficient lighting for your needs.

We are able to draw together the expertise of lighting engineers, structural engineers and electrical engineers to design build and maintain cricket ground lighting solutions. We use professionals so that Australian cricket lighting standards can be applied and any other relevant guidelines.

cricket stadium lights

An overview of Australian Cricket Stadium Lighting Standards*:

non-televised training ─ 250 lux

non-televised match ─ 500 to 700 lux

televised match ─ 1400 lux

How to light a cricket stadium with lighting?

LED is one of the best options for cricket field lighting . From users’ point of view, doing the LED replacement for halogen, HPS or metal halide or mercury flood lamps for cricket stadium is beneficial, such as reduction in electricity bill as well as lesser disposal, which is better to our environment. The wattage of outdoor high mast lights includes 1000W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W & 5000W.

stadium lighting

Basic knowledge of cricket stadium

Cricket is a sport similar to baseball, but we use the larger, square board. It is a sport involving hitting, pitching and catching. Interestingly, the ball and field size of cricket ground and baseball play are similar. The cricket stadium lighting directly affects the performance or players and experience of audiences.

Selection of LED cricket stadium lighting

With the continuous development of LED technology, more and more sports stadium are using LED as the main light source. There are different types of lights such as metal halide, halogen and HPS, why should we replace them to LED for cricket stadium? LED has the advantages of energy saving, super bright, durable, and more.

Advantages of our cricket floodlight

Assuming that we used a sodium lamp before, we could use 200W LED to replace the 400W cricket stadium flood lamps. It is possible to do so because LED has higher luminous efficiency.

When it comes to the outdoor lighting for cricket stadium, we must consider some special protection for the sports lamps. The LED cricket field lights are able to withstand high and low temperatures, as well as stormy weather. To achieve these, our LED flood lights have effective heat channelization system that reduce the temperature of the chips. Plus, IP67 rating of whole lamp body allow the high power lights withstand the inclement weather.

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