explosion-proof lights

Many novices do not know where to install LED explosion proof lights, where there are gas, liquid, dust, corrosion and other production sites, warehouses, workshops, factories, etc. are required to install LED explosion proof lights.

  Need to determine the specifications of the explosion-proof lamp, which type, explosion-proof level, installation and fixing method; various explosion-proof components for explosion proof lights , such as explosion-proof lighting switches, explosion-proof junction boxes, explosion-proof flexible pipes, galvanized threading pipes, etc.

At the same time, pay attention to the temperature, for example, the temperature inside the paint room is about 100 degrees. It is obviously not possible to use ExdeIICT4. From here, I will explain to you, EX stands for explosion-proof mark, Ex explosion-proof electric d explosion-proof e Zengan IIC ( Level) The highest surface temperature of T4, that is to say, the maximum temperature of this lamp housing can be 80 degrees. Now some lamps are T8. Many people ask if the temperature behind them is higher. On the contrary, the number 1 can be higher than other temperatures, and the T4 is generally 80 degrees because there is heat inside the lamp, not just the heat that is externally supplied to the lamp.

Then, when installing the explosion proof led lighting, those qualifications are required. According to the safety supervision requirements, the installation personnel need to have a low-voltage electrician operation certificate and an explosion-proof electrical operation certificate. The site shall issue a fire certificate, temporary electricity certificate, high-altitude operation certificate, etc. according to the installation situation.

Recently, I found that as long as it is a Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise customer, it is quite a test. Whether it is an explosion proof led lighting or an explosion-proof hose, it is the same. The same is true for the Jiangsu customer. His workshop is designed by Americans. When designing the lighting, it was a British product. Because his workshop can’t have a little temperature, so I purchased this light from the Chinese agent. From this point, we can see that our domestic led explosion proof lighting has a long period of time. The way to go,

  This time, he has also established a Chinese-foreign joint venture. His design is also on the American side. The boss is also an American. His workshop is 9 meters high. The local lighting supplier is also a local seller. He installed it and tested it. The brightness is 600, this is quite bright, he asked for the brightness of 1600, the Chinese boss did not say anything, the American boss said no,

  From this point of view, foreigners are still more realistic. I once saw a news saying that Chinese people went abroad to dry buildings. At that time, the goods inside the elevator were overweight. The locals were driving the elevator, no matter what they said. Not open, but later it was more open before it opened.

  We have also made corresponding adjustments to this luminaire this time, making the illuminating angle of the lamp like a flashlight, and only then can we meet the customer’s requirements. Relatively speaking, the number of lamps will increase, and the cost will be increased,

  I was thinking that he would ask the workers to go to work, so the bright eyes couldn’t be opened. How did it work? It’s not a day’s eyes. Our eyes can only adapt to a certain brightness, more than the eyes. Not good, just like I look at the computer every day, my eyes have problems,

  The current LED explosion-proof lamp is 120 per W lumen, the metal halide lamp is 90 per watt, the color temperature of the LED explosion-proof lamp is 5500 for warm light, and the white light is about 7000, so some spray booths and other places must increase power to meet The requirements for use, the general temperature of the spray booth is about 40 degrees, see what season, if it is used in the paint room, this light can only be used at the door, it is not used in the paint room, if anyone says it is definitely a fool of

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