1000w LED flood light

High-power LED light source with its high luminous efficiency, long life, pollution-free, etc., is considered the direction of development of light industry. 

In recent years, as a leader in the domestic electric lighting industry, has been looking for the Buddha into the high-power LED industry opportunities. High-power LED technology in the research and development has made significant progress, under its auspices of the “wavelength converter and high color rendering index, high efficiency, high reliability, white LED light source,” the scientific and technological achievements have been experts attention, Fill Foshan Lighting LED lighting in the development of “supplements.”

High Power LED 1W, High Power LED 10W, High Power LED 30W, High Power LED 50W, High Power LED 100W, High Power LED Flashlight, High Power LED Driver, LED Floodlight 10W, LED Light China. White LED High PowerLED Wavelength Conversion Device Achieves High Color Rendering and Connection Technology by Combining Unique Phosphor Method, Chip Layout and Connection Technology to Achieve White LED with High Color Rendering Index, High Efficiency, High Reliability and Low Color Temperature . Using the same chip conditions, the process through more than 90% of the color index, different color temperature of high-power LED light source, the luminous efficiency than similar LED lamps at home and abroad more than 25%, the leading domestic level.

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