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Definition Of Flood Lights:


Flood Lights  involves utilizing light-weight bulbs of high power to illuminate an enormous outside location. Flood Lights are mostly utilized for light the field of study look of an excellent or traditionally substantial building.


Why Is It Called A Flood Light?

Floodlights square measure broad-beamed, high-intensity artificial lights. they're usually wont to illuminate outside enjoying fields whereas an outside sports event is being commanded throughout low-light conditions.. several high power floodlights can have gantries for bulb dynamical and maintenance.


Flood Lights involves utilizing light-weight bulbs of high power to illuminate an enormous outside location. this type of illumination is established for good and additionally desires a good deal of electrical current. Floodlighting might extensively be classified right into 3: façade, basic location and additionally assemblage. every kind entails its own special topic and additionally challenges which require to be prescribed. Some examples would be provided, installation and maintenance.

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2 Occasions Where Flood Lights Are Used For:

Flood Lights is mostly utilized for light the field of study look of an excellent or traditionally substantial building. By utilizing floodlights, you'll be able to boost the in-depth framework of a building. A setup of this kind of lights makes it necessary to reflect its positioning, power, and repairs.


1. Bridge
In The Bridge Lighting Project, The Main Tower Lighting Is Generally The Most Important Of The Whole Lighting Project. In Order To Make The Main Tower Of The Subway Cable-Stayed Bridge Bright And Magnificent, In The Lighting Design, Mainly In The Two Sides Of The Cable Set Six Points Of Light, From The Bottom Up To The Light, The Main Tower To Illuminate. Lamps And Lanterns Are Mainly Used Razorlux Latest Research And Development Of High-Power Led Floodlight.
2. Sports Venue
Led Flood Lights Can Not Only Enhance The Spectator's Experience At A Game And Home But Also Improve How The Players Perform. The Flood Lights Can Be Used In Sports Venues, Such As Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Football Field, Baseball Stadium, Badminton Court, Golf Course.

sports venue lighting

We Provide 2 Types Of Flood Lights:

1.    Razorlux 600W 800W 1000W LED Stadium Floodlights
The LED Stadium Floodlight Is Composed Of Two Lights, So The Power Will Be A Light Twice.It Is Patent Multi-Function Design And Suitable For All Projects, Such As A Stadium, High Mast, Industrial And Lighting Applications.

2.    Razorlux 500W Sports Venue Lighting  

Razorlux Sports Venue Lighting Has A Wide Range Of Applications, Exquisite Appearance And Compact Structure. Whether It's An Arena, Tennis Court, Golf Course, Driving Range, Baseball Or Softball Field, Indoor Pool, Gymnasium, Outdoor Pool, Playground, Paddock, Or A Horse Arena, All Athletic Facilities Have Specific Aspects To Consider And Needs To Meet.

The Difference Between Flood Lights And Spolight:

Floodlight Is Very Similar In Appearance, The Difference Is In The Size Of The Beam Angle And The Use Of The Occasion.
1. Beam Angle
Every Spotlight Regardless Of Its Type And Other Adjustments Create A Narrow Beam Of Light Which Does Not Exceed 45 Degrees Whereas Floodlight Makes Light Which Can Make A Beam Of Up To 120 Degrees.
The Beam Angle Of LED Spotlight Is Small, Such As Razorlux Outdoor LED Light Emitting Angle 50°, Which Is Suitable For High Mast Lighting. That Is, If The Lamp Hole Of Basketball Field Is High, The Proposed Installation Is LED Spotlight (Depending On The Actual Situation).
The Beam Angle Of LED Floodlight Is Large, Razorlux Led Floodlight Is 60°~120°.
It Is Generally Installed In The Distance From The Ground Below 10 Meters (Depending On The Actual Situation).
Spotlights Are The Best To Use If You Have To Point Out A Particular Object But Floodlights Are The Best Option For Illuminating Larger Amount Of Space. Both Of Them Consume Around The Same Amount Of Wattage And Can Produce A Similar Amount Of Lumens, So You Basically Have To Assess The Situation And See Whether You Want To Light Just A Single Object Or Much Wider Area.

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