LED chip temperature

1, first of all, if the power supply is the battery, please take a look at the battery there is no electricity.

2, if it is an external power supply, consider the light fades, mainly by the LED chip decision. LED light failure refers to the LED after a period of lighting, the light intensity will be lower than the original light intensity, and the low part is the LED light failure General LED package manufacturers to do the test is in the laboratory conditions (25 ℃ at room temperature), with 20MA DC continuous light LED1000 hours to compare the light intensity before and after its light failure reason LED flood light product quality problems.

3, the use of the LED chip body is not good, the brightness Decay faster.

4, the production process is flawed, LED flood light can not be a good heat dissipation from the PIN pin leads to LED chip temperature is too high to make the chip attenuation exacerbated.

Second, the use of conditions Question: 1, LED constant current drive, there are some LED drivers driven by voltage decay, the drive current is greater than the rated drive conditions.

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