LED tunnel flood lights

Access to tunnels involves dark adaptation and an adaptive process. Dark adaptation is the process of increasing the sensitivity of the human eye to light in the dark. On the contrary, from the beginning of the dark to the light, initially felt a dazzling light, can not see the object, only a moment to restore the vision, which is known as adaptation. 

Entrance: Life can also feel, people from the LED tunnel flood lights into the darkroom, initially see anything, after a certain period of time, the visual sensitivity of gradually increased. Before entering the tunnel, the environment is bright, in order to avoid just entering the tunnel can not see things clearly, the beacon should be more intensive. 

Middle: When the vehicle is moving into the middle of the tunnel, the human eye has completed the process of dark adaptation. The environment is dim some also can see clearly, so the illumination light is less than the entrance. Exports: Similarly, in the export of Led tunnel lighting also to light some, this can make the eye gradually adapt to reduce the due to the accident caused by the adaptation.

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