new genius LED floodlight

As the core component of the led lamp, the led chip must be selected to ensure the quality of the lamp. As we all know, Osram and Cree are the leading chip companies in the industry. They are all professional chip manufacturers. The new genius LED floodlight of our company adopts the Cree chip. As you all know, the CREE chip in the United States is the most expensive and the best in performance.

The CREE chip is best recognized, with a carbide substrate and a really well structured, single conductor. sometimes what we tend to decision one conductor blue lightweight chip is CREE.

Below square measure many ways that to spot your diode chips:

Use a magnifier (professional one or simplified one, each square measure ok) to examine the cathode, Cree’s carbide cathode appearance terribly special, you’ll be able to simply distinguish in line with on top of the description.

Cree’s lens is in high pellucidity and deflexion, it’s with a really swish and shiny surface.

Cree diode chips square measure superior to terribly fine handcrafted, tidy and clean fastening joints.

Fake Cree diode chips: Some chips appearance the similar sort and form because the Cree chips, however, if you check them with a magnifier you’ll be able to simply notice the cathode is completely totally different. they pretend Cree chips.

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