Explosion proof LED lights

Explosion proof LED lights are the leading market in the future, LED light source lamp Although the price is higher, but compared to the traditional metal halide lamp has the following advantages: First, the LED lamp safety is better: 1, the LED light source relative to the metal halide light sources, the heat is smaller than the metal halide lamp, the safety is better, is not easy to produce the massive heat.

2, LED lamp output is a DC 35V voltage, is the safe voltage, electric current is also small, not easy to produce electric spark, better safety than metal halide lamp; second, LED lamps more energy-saving, LED lamps than metal halide lamp price, but from the long-term energy saving calculation, saving electricity generally in three years or so will be able to fill the lamp; LED lamp life longer: ordinary metal halide lamp life of about 10,000 hours, 10,000-15,000 hours, light source, electrical appliances are all replaced, light source and electrical costs accounted for about 60% of the lamp. Explosion Proof Lights, light-emitting chip life in 50,000 hours or so, electrical appliance life in 25,000 hours or so, maintenance is generally just to replace electrical appliances, just dozens of dollars on it. 

Because of longer life, reduce maintenance times and maintenance costs. Explosion Proof Lighting Note: First, the technology of LED lamps gradually mature, but the market on the quality of products, excellent products to play the excellent performance of the products, so the selection of products must choose the formal company products. The best choice is the LED chip packaging technology companies. Second, led explosion-proof lamp used in the oil depot, only to the original use of 250W below the metal halide lamps, for the lighting is too high, or smart area too large, it is recommended to use metal halide lamps. Third, gas stations and oil depots using LED explosion-proof lamp, need to do flameproof or this safety type of lamps, explosion-proof level to reach T4-t6.

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