port lighting

In the area of energy saving and emission reduction has become the trend of the times, all walks of life have accelerated the research and application of new energy-saving technologies.

Electricity tariffs for seaport lighting have become a huge burden for operating companies. Savings and safety are the technical problems that construction and operating units urgently need to solve. The main factors influencing the lighting power consumption of the port include the efficiency of lighting fixtures, lighting layout plans and control schemes.

At present, traditional lighting such as high-pressure lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, and energy-saving lamps, which are widely used in LED sea port lighting, have low luminous efficacy, slow start-up, high energy consumption, and unfavorable to energy-saving control. The use of high-pressure mercury lamps also brings problems such as mercury pollution, and does not conform to the current situation.

Our country is building a resource-saving, environment-friendly demand, and exploring new and efficient light sources is the key to solving the problem. With the development of science and technology, the emergence of LED energy-saving technology has brought about a profound revolution in the field of lighting. Its long life, no pollution, high brightness and other advantages make it widely used in port logistics equipment.

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