portable football field lights

Nowadays, LED has become a very mature lighting solution for many large areas apart from horse arena. You can use portable football field lights inside sports stadium such as football arena and athletic fields.

But why do you solve with a minimum amount of light when you can give your fans the best sports experience with the excellent lighting provided by Razorlux LED lights? In the outdoor football stadium, LED light which can withstand various weather conditions such as strong wind, rain, freezing temperature is necessary. 

Football Stadium Lights also need to run over long distances from the actual bulb to the surface of the field. LED football lighting is accurate, consistent and efficient. Avoid light pollution with a slight definition that LED Stadium lights can give to your football field. LED lighting provides a consistent light level throughout the football stadium that guarantees clear visibility of balls, lines and players by daylight color temperature.

Our LED stadium lights are compatible with high speed and HD camera up to 50-60 Hz and 5000 fps respectively. Believe it or not, we are the sport lighting fixture supplier of Football Stadium Lights, Soccer Field Lights and the Olympic Games! And we handled projects having considerable scale in Europe and in U.S. But the question is, are these light affordable?

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