LED tunnel lights

The Tunnel is known as connecting the roads and railways, the car and the train can travel freely, especially in mountainous areas, the tunnel plays the much more important role in connecting the roads to bring convenience to our trip, so more and more mountain is opened up, meanwhile,we encounter another thorny problem, how to light it? LED tunnel lights are currently preferred to light tunnels. They feature a long working lifetime, good stability and high lighting efficiency.

We continue to develop and improve other light, then the high-pressure sodium lamp was invented, but the high pressuresodium also has the vitreous shell, it can not very well qualified for the tunnel environment, but it is  filled with high pressuresodium and mercury vapor, it will also pollute the environment.

In order to overcome these two fatal flaw, we developed the energy saving LED tunnel light that is famous for the semiconductor lighting -, the shell of the LED tunnel light is made of high strength, good toughness alloy andenvironmentally friendly materials, the transparent pieces is the strengthened glass, which has the character of dustproof and waterproof, corrosion rust and is good at resisting he strong impact strength and impact; multi-channel vibration structure and high-tech surface coating, a variety of high-strength high-frequency close vibration can not make an impact on the lamps, and can steadily work in the workshop, roadbed, track and other high-frequency vibration and humidity high-temperature environment for a long time. Good electromagnetic compatibility, will not interfere with the transmission network. Undoubtedly,the LED tunnel light is the best lighting in the tunnel.

Although the LED tunnel light is more expensive compared to conventional fluorescent lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, but the late repair and maintenance cost savings can offset the extra purchased inputs of LED tunnel lights to learn more about characteristics and parameters of the LED tunnel light.

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