LED explosion-proof gas station lights

Why Do Gas Stations Should Choose LED Explosion-Proof Lights?

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LED explosion-proof gas station lights are the dominant in the future market. Although the price of LED explosion-proof oil station lights is inferior, compared with traditional metal halide lamps, it has the following advantages:

First, LED explosion-proof lights are more energy efficient

The price of LED lamps is higher than that of metal halide lamps, but from the long-term energy saving, the electricity savings can be replenished in one or two years; and the service life of LED station lights is generally 3-5 years.

Second, LED gas station lights are more secure

1. The LED light source is relatively lighter than the metal halide light source. The heat is smaller than the metal halide lamp, the safety is better, and it is not easy to generate a large amount of heat and increase the indoor temperature.

2, LED lamp output is DC 36V voltage, is a safe voltage, current is also small, not easy to produce sparks, better than metal halide lamps;

Third, LED light have a longer life

The life of ordinary metal halide lamps is about 10,000 hours, 10,000-15,000 hours, all light sources and electrical appliances have to be replaced, and the cost of light sources and electrical appliances accounts for about 60% of the lamps. LED lamps, the life of the light-emitting chip is about 50,000 hours, and the service life of the electrical appliance is about 25,000 hours. The maintenance is generally only to replace the electrical appliance, because the life is longer, and the cost of replacement or repair during use is reduced.

200w explosion proof lighting

Notification of LED explosion-proof lights:

First, the technology of LED lamps is gradually mature, but the quality of products on the market is mixed, and excellent products can exert the excellent performance of the above products, so the products must be selected as regular company products. It is best to choose a company with LED chip packaging technology.

Second, the LED explosion-proof lamp is used in the oil depot. It can only compete with the original metal halide lamp below 250W. For the high illumination requirement and large illumination area, you can choose a higher power LED explosion-proof lamp.

Third, the gas explosion proof lights used in gas stations and oil depots, you need to purchase lamps with explosion-proof certification, the explosion-proof level should reach T4-T6.

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