Why do my bulbs seem to burn out quickly?

Light bulbs can burn out quickly for a variety of reasons. The first thing to do if a bulb seems to burn out quickly is check the fixture it’s in. Light fixtures can wear out over time and develop wiring problems that cause the bulbs to fail early. If bulbs are repeatedly burning out quickly in the same light fixture, it’s probably the fixture. Be sure you’re following the fixture manufacturer’s specifications for light bulb wattage, voltage and bulb shape.

The second thing to consider is the type of bulb you’re buying. Some new bulb types have a longer bulb life than regular incandescent light bulbs that you’re used to. If you want bulbs that last longer, look for our Rough Service light bulbs that are guaranteed to last for two years — they provide a superior bright, crisp light and are made with high-level design and materials. If you’re looking for long life and energy efficiency, try our Neolite CFLs. They last up to 50,000 hours and save up to 75% in energy costs.

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Fixtures have Bulbs that are not Properly Connected

This may seem to you like such an obvious reason, but it happens. There is a possibility light bulbs are being screwed in too tightly. Did you roll your eyes after reading that possibility? Remember, even if it was not you to screw the light bulb in, there may have been someone else during the fixture’s lifespan that had and damaged its fixture-to-the-bulb connection. If this happens to be the case, you need to purchase new fixtures.


However, the connection for fixture-to-the-bulb may also be interrupted due to the particular light bulb brand you are using. If you are using light bulb that are cheaper, sometimes they do not have solder or very little on the bulbs contact point. Check your light bulbs operation in a different fixture to find out if the problem is the light fixture or bulb.

Too Much Vibrating from Fixtures

Another cause for your light bulbs to burn out quickly could be excessive vibration they are subjected to. There are different circumstances why a fixture might experience excessive vibration, but commonly seen causes are ceiling fans that are wobbly, or fixture beneath an exercise room or child’s bedroom.


To help with this issue, think about using a 130-volt light bulb or a rough service bulb, which, both of these bulbs can handle stress due to thicker filaments. Another consideration would be to use LED lights, because there are no filaments with LED lights and they are energy efficient as well.

Light Bulbs Getting Too Hot

Bulbs can burn out from becoming excessively hot, even when using the correct wattage. If you are using a light bulb in a fixture that it is too big for or a fixture which is enclosed has the wrong light bulb being used, heat is usually the problem.


Although you may be able to screw a large light bulb in a fixture, the fixture will not be capable of dispersing heat adequately if it is designed for smaller bulbs. If your believe this can be your issue, try using either the correct size light bulb for that fixture or a lower watt light bulb instead.

If your light bulb is not receiving proper ventilation by being covered in a recessed fixture (dust building up in the wiring or on the bulb can worsen this), it is easy for it to overheat. You want to check that your light bulb is approved to be used in a fixture which is enclosed.


If your bulb is approved and the problem persists, your recessed light fixture needs replacing. A way of checking if your light bulb gets too hot is checking around the area where your light bulb meets the insulation of the fixture for any notable heat damage signs, even when there is no damage appearing on the bulb itself.

Home has High Voltage

There may be an issue of too much electricity entering your house if you own many fixtures which burn out light bulbs in only a couple months. Although we have been taught an even 120 volts is what steadily enters our homes, this does not always happen.


There are times when houses might be overpowered. If you suspect this is the issue, you can buy a voltage tester and find out what your homes voltage is.


Even though it is normal to have fluctuation, if your voltage hovers over 125, most likely this is you problem. In many case the fix is simple, swap your lightbulbs for 130 volt light bulbs. However, if several of your homes LED flood light fixtures are burning out light bulbs, a longer lasting and better solution would be to call a Rockwall electrician to help correct your voltage issue.

Wiring or Fixtures were Installed Poorly

If you are still going through several light bulbs and have tried everything, the problem may be poorly installed wiring or fixtures in your home. Cut all power that going to the light fixture, from behind it where the junction box is, remove it and check that each wire connection is tight.


A light bulb can burn out in just a few days from wildly fluctuating currents caused by loose wires. Your problem lies somewhere else if your fixture is connected good and all wires nice and tight and you continue to burn through light bulbs. You need to get assistance from a qualified Rockwall electrician that has the experience with these issues.

Hiring a Qualified Electrician

Majority of homeowners wait for an emergency to occur before calling an electrician. If possible, you should research electrician before an emergency happens so you can be confident in your choice. Building communication with a qualified electrician ensures when you need them they will be there.


Hire an electrician to come do inspections regularly before any of these issues happen. Doing so can possibly prevent them or stop them from becoming major problems.
Hiring a Rockwall electrician is a decision that is extremely important due to them working on systems in your home that affect every aspect of your home. If something possibly goes wrong, it can cause damage, inconveniences, or house fires.

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