led flood lights

In theory, the use of alternating current light source has a strobe, LED flood lights are no exception.

Eye protectors on the market claim that no strobes in fact just ordinary stroboscopic AC through a special device into a higher stroboscopic frequency, thereby reducing the impact on the human eye, play a role in protecting the eyes, strobe or exist of. And high-frequency processing will produce high-intensity electromagnetic waves, harmful to humans.

There is really no stroboscopic use of DC LED flood lights. Because it uses DC, there is no problem with strobing. However, such LED lights on the market are expensive, cheap rechargeable LED flood lights.

led flood lights flash may have the following four reasons:

1, the power transformer is not good, the parameters do not meet, not enough or more windings, resulting in insufficient magnetic saturation or inductance;

2, the feedback circuit is faulty;

3, the load current is too large or the load voltage is too small, lower than the minimum output voltage of the power supply and cause automatic protection;

4, the voltage sampling circuit design is unreasonable, the power supply voltage is too low, lower than the normal working voltage and the power can not start

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