LED high bay light

Ordinary mining lamp we all have come to terms with it, whenever we see this LED high bay light, will be surprised. One is because it resembles the “UFO” shape, so many people commonly known as “UFO miner’s lamp”, and secondly because it is out of the high-power LED lamps must be “physical” bulky “destiny” to achieve high power and Small body of the fine combination. This section UFO high bay light super good sealing, protection level up to IP65.

Here, specifically for everyone to decrypt, with the general look of UFO high bay light, with what “different from the usual ‘lamp'” features?

UFO mining lamp, looks like a UFO, with a flying saucer-like design elements, and this design, in fact, many factors under the “crystallization.”

In the “UFO” shape of the lamp housing, and its shape is similar to the unique design of the heat sink, this fan-shaped design, compared to the common “cylindrical” heat sink, heat conduction more effective diffusion, lower lamp faster Body temperature.

Inspired by the shape elements of the UFO high bay light, we have seen such an LED high bay light with high power, high color value and excellent heat dissipation, which can also be used for various indoor lighting environments in the future Project escort!

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