1200w led flood light

1. Save electricity

2. Increase the power system capacity

3. Stable current

Low power factor represents low power efficiency, the lower the power factor value represents a higher proportion of electricity in the distribution

In the network, if the lower power factor is not corrected and corrected, the power company needs to provide work-related virtual work in addition to the effective power, which leads to the need for larger generators, converters, delivery tools, cables And additional distribution systems can in fact be omitted facilities to make up for the lack of wear and tear.

PFC-equipped electronic devices can help improve their own energy efficiency and reduce electricity bills. PFC of led light is also an environmental technology that can effectively reduce the harmonics that cause power pollution and is a useful function for the whole society. How does a power supply help save energy? By reducing the voltage-current that your electrical equipment must transmit to provide at least the amount of power that a power supply needs. Less power consumption due to less useless harmonics led light(only adding unnecessary load to the AC power system).

What is Harmonic? Harmonic is a form of noise that is basically caused by a combination of 60 combined sine waves. They usually occur on power supplies and other frequency-dependent machines, including computers. Harmonics distort the basic sine wave pattern and cause high currents in the water and ground lines of the same system.

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