marine grade led flood light

Compared with traditional lighting, marine grade led flood lights has obvious advantages and broad prospects for development. In general, LED has the advantages of long life, high efficiency, high brightness and small occupation space, while its color and brightness are controlled, its color is gentle and rich. 

Therefore, the application of LED in the ship can make full use of its advantages to make it for the ship and personnel to create a more efficient and more suitable lighting environment, LED light source; led boat flood lights;

The Advantages of LED as a 12v led marine deck lights The advent of LEDs has led to a green lighting environment with no infrared, ultraviolet and thermal radiation, no flicker, high reliability and long service life. At the same time, LED structure is small, easy to install, noise-free features, more suitable as a marine lighting source.

Reduce the capacity of the generator, battery and switchgear selection is not small; transformer rated capacity reduced by about 47%; LED light weight, light weight corresponding to the bracket, can reduce the weight of the ship, increase the ship load; 

Second, As the LED power is small, the corresponding cable core cross-sectional area is small, conservative calculation, the cable core cross-sectional area can be reduced by 33% than the original. 

In summary, LED can save a lot of equipment costs for the enterprise, bringing substantial benefits and considerable economic benefits 2 LED as a marine led flood lights technical issues that need to be addressed LED light source and the drive, optical components, such as the structure of the shell to complete the lighting fixtures task.

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