golf course lighting

Most of these players are in the higher class of society or wealthy businessmen, that’s why golf clubs today wanted to maximize their profit by extending the play time till evening. Unless the golf course design has been developed to consider playing at night under lighting right from the start (playing directions and related lighting aiming directions, etc), golf courses are generally not really designed and suitable to be lit.

It is already challenging enough to design golf course lighting to be comfortable for the players themselves, let alone to control the glare within a residential environment!

Outdoor LED Flood Lights for Golf Courses

The golf course is one of the most expensive sports today.  Golfers spend more than 200 pounds a month for clothing, clubs, and membership fees. 

Lighting for the golf course is easy to do. It is similar to area lighting, like an outdoor carpark. The only tricky part of golf course lighting is how you will deliver your design to the client. There are some attempts for lighting designers to run it in the flat surface like a football field, but this is not correct. The golf course has a different level of the contour line.  It is definitely not flat. The little mound will create shadows to the fairway, similar to the mounting position of the poles which sometimes are in the high ground and sometimes in the low-level land which affects the lux level and overall uniformity requirements.

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