lighting for your golf course

Do you think it is important for us to choose a perfect lighting for your golf course? If  have the brightness, the athlete will play golf very well.

 Of all the sports venue lighting standards, only the Razorlux Sports Lighting Standard explicitly states that the golf course requires horizontal illumination. This lighting standard was widely used in the lighting design of golf courses in the early 1990s, but with the improvement of living standards and the development of lighting technology, this standard can no longer meet the needs of the golf course. 

Razorlux has introduced separate lighting standards for golf companies based on the lighting design and construction experience of more than 100 golf courses around the world.

According to the characteristics of golf: one-way sports, the court is divided into three areas, the tee, fairway and green, each fairway has its own unique layout and various obstacles, Razorlux increased for different areas Lighting standards, and adding the requirements of vertical illuminance, play a key role in determining the ball’s flight trajectory and landing point. This is something the lighting course must consider and is most likely to be ignored.

The design of the Golf Stadium fully takes into account the level of the illuminance of the stadium, and the uniformity and consistency of the illuminance ensure a good lighting effect for the stadium. On the one hand, through the choice of golf lighting fixtures and the distribution of lamp pole positions, the glare interference on golfers and the influence of spilled light on the surrounding environment of the court are reduced. On the other hand, the light poles are hidden in the green plants as much as possible, so that the poles are arranged with the pitches. The landscape blends to create a harmonious court environment.

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