LED flood light fixtures

The main purpose of LED flood light fixtures should have overcurrent protection:

 First, the purpose of protecting personal property security, generally in the power input voltage relatively high applications often for this purpose to increase protection devices.

Second, the subsystem and the external system partition, if the external system instability will affect the security subsystem, on the other hand, the subsystem inside the device damage, such as parallel devices appear short-circuit failure mode, or due to external factors leading to the internal safety of the insulation level is damaged, resulting in the internal circuit to the ground short-circuit.

If there is no fuse action and the outside system partition and do not take effective measures in time, will result in the external system of the insurance system action, which will cause the entire power system interruption, and this in such important places as hospitals will indirectly cause accidental loss, and may even cause casualties, So sometimes you need to add 2 fuses to the input side of the power supply.

 Third, protect important and valuable electronic components or devices. For LED lighting, the cost of LED flood lights beads accounted for the majority of the cost of the entire lamp, in the non-isolated type of power-driven or not-constant-current-driven circuit, need to drive the output end of the necessary overcurrent protection.

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