LED Street Lights

In towns and cities across the world, the color of night is changing. Traditional yellow sodium street lights are steadily being replaced by white LED lamps. The new lights use less energy, dramatically cutting carbon emissions and saving money. 

If you mean led street light is better from the view from power saving, then yes. 

LED lighting will last longer and give a very good light level, uses less current and therefore cheaper to run. Incandescent lamps are costly to run and fail often. 

How much power does a solar street light consume?

Short answer: most are offgrid and only consume the battery generated power. Which can be between 1W and 100W.

4 meter: 10–15W

6 meter: 25–35W

9 meter: 50–60W

Based on a lumen efficiency of around 120 LM/W.

The Solar Led street light is a great invention but requires a perfect configuration. Ideally, you make a light plan based on your project design that shows the LUX (LX) values for each street light.

If we assume you need 10 LUX as a minimum requirement, and you install 25W lamps on a height of 6 meters with 120 Lm/W, the following design shows it can be sufficient (depending on customers requirements).

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