Led Flood Light for Crane Lighting

We all know that it is common to work overtime in order to catch up with the construction period. This is a common practice, but in addition to taking care of their own bodies, employees must also consider whether the gantry crane lights are dark late at night. Overtime work has many inconveniences.

Gantry cranes should be equipped with lighting fixtures in advance to ensure safety before night construction. Generally, iodine tungsten lamps are selected for outdoor operation, and safe lighting is selected when working in enclosed environments and pressure vessels. The gantry crane construction area should ensure adequate lighting. To avoid an emergency, the operator should prepare a flashlight in advance to deal with the accident. After the construction of the gantry crane is completed, the power can be cut off after the power supply is cut off to avoid fire accidents.

The working mechanism of the gantry crane includes a lifting mechanism, an operating mechanism, a luffing mechanism and a rotating mechanism, which are called four main cranes. The lifting mechanism is a mechanism that realizes the vertical lifting of materials. It is an indispensable part of any crane, so it is an important and basic mechanism of a gantry crane.
The operating mechanism is a mechanism that uses a gantry crane or a lifting trolley to move materials. It has the functions of trackless operation and track operation.

According to its driving mode, it is divided into two types: self-propelled and towed. The luffing mechanism is a unique working mechanism of the gantry crane. The luffing mechanism changes the working range by changing the length and height of the boom.
The rotating mechanism rotates the vertical axis of the gantry crane to transport the material into the annular space. The gantry crane achieves the purpose of transporting materials through a single movement of the mechanism or a combination of multiple mechanisms.

led marine searchlight
led marine searchlight

Signals are now used in many occasions, like signal lights on roads, so that the roads are unimpeded, and there will be no disputes and accidents. Of course, the operation of cranes is inseparable from lighting and signals, so please keep in mind the lighting and signals.

Safety regulations:
The lighting and signals of cranes are clearly defined in the “Safety Regulations for Lifting Machinery”:
(1) The crane should be equipped with normal lighting and portable lighting.
(2) Special circuits should be provided for lighting. The power supply should be tapped from the inlet end of the main circuit breaker of the crane. When the main circuit breaker cuts off the power, the lighting should not be cut off. All kinds of lighting should be equipped with short-circuit protection. It is strictly forbidden to use metal structures as loops for lighting circuits. A single battery is used for power supply, except for systems whose voltage does not exceed 24V.
(3) The portable flood lights should be powered by a double-loop transformer not greater than 36V. Autotransformers are strictly prohibited, and grounding wires are strictly prohibited as current-carrying neutral wires.
(4) The lighting in the lifting driver’s room should not be less than 30LX.
(5) The illumination of the crane’s machine room, electrical room and special elevator for machine maintenance shall not be lower than 5LX.
(6) Obstacle signal light: when the total height is greater than 30 meters outdoors, the red obstruction light should be installed in one of the following situations

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