LED parking lot lighting fixtures

The parking lot is the place where the car is parked in the city, the population of the world is soaring, the vehicle ownership is increasing rapidly, the city car park is developing to the underground garage more and more. 

The lighting energy consumption of the parking lot lighting is the main component of the operation cost of the underground car park, and the illumination control is an effective solution. Using traditional lighting control of the car park, the main use of energy-saving lamps to reduce energy consumption. Energy-saving light source only in the use of the process to reduce energy consumption, and did not achieve the greatest energy-saving effect—when needed to use. 

A few parking lots lights adopt intelligent illumination control system, which can reach the effect of regional control and timing control, but there are many problems in the complexity of operation and the incompatibility on the use of security system. How to achieve both energy saving and effective management is one of the problems faced by many companies that manage car parks. 

The use of infrared sensors in the led parking lot flood lights control, no vehicles in and out, all lamps are dormant, each lamp power consumption of 2W, not only to meet security monitoring lighting requirements, but also a great limit to save electricity. 

When there is a vehicle in and out, the corresponding area infrared sensor signals, sleep lamps are awakened lit, power 16W, brightness to 40W ordinary fluorescent lamp brightness, convenient car owners to stop, vehicles or people in the induction zone activities, LED parking lot lights have always been kept bright, when the car or person left the induction zone about 30 seconds (adjustable), LED lights automatically re-enter the dormant state, Power 2W.

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