LED explosion-proof floodlights

Because most areas are zone 1 or zone 0, the requirements for the explosion-proof performance of lamps and lanterns are extremely strict, and most of them require explosion-proof and explosion-proof grades. Mostly outdoor areas. The LED explosion-proof floodlights are required to have good waterproof and antiseptic properties. At the same time, many areas are in the high altitude areas of several meters or even hundreds of meters. High temperature and high pressure make it difficult to maintain the lamps and lanterns. The lamps are invited to have maintenance-free features.

At present, the mainstream lamps and lanterns used by enterprises are the explosion-proof lamps equipped with self-ballasted mercury lamps or the increased-safety explosion-proof fluorescent lamps equipped with fluorescent lamps. There are disadvantages such as low explosion-proof rating, poor waterproof performance, large maintenance workload, and low light source efficiency. The light source has a short life span, poor safety, frequent replacement, large maintenance, and high overhead operations. There are electric shocks and falling accidents at high altitudes. This is a major safety hazard in the electrical industry of production companies.

Why choose LED explosion-proof lights?

LED luminaires generally fall into the following advantages.

1, safety performance: has been in line with the national authority authority explosion-proof standards, in full accordance with the national explosion-proof standard production. Has excellent explosion-proof, anti-static properties. Can work safely in various flammable and explosive places.

2, energy-saving performance: LED light source, low energy consumption, high luminous efficiency, power consumption is only 20% of the same luminous flux incandescent lamp. Breaking the traditional low efficiency tungsten light emitting defects, with energy-saving features.

3, environmental performance: white LED light soft, no glare, does not cause visual fatigue to the operator’s eyes. Good electromagnetic compatibility does not pollute the power supply.

4. Work performance: The transparent shell is made of imported bullet-proof plastic material, which has high light transmittance and good impact resistance. It can make the lamps work normally in all kinds of harsh environments.

5, easy to use: a unique LDO drive circuit to ensure that the LED module 100,000 hours working life. Humanized product design, customers can choose the appropriate working voltage according to different lighting places. According to the need to choose the ceiling type, cable indirect introduction and other installation methods.

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