UFO High Bay Light

Nowadays, more and more enterprises is becoming more and more high to the requirement of the production workshop lighting, such as high photosynthetic efficiency, energy saving, long life, light failure, no stroboscopic, explosion shock, convenient installation lamp factors, combined with the lighting industry speaking, leds is now used more widely and flying saucer lamps, but factory workshop lighting lamps and lanterns, choose a UFO have more advantages than the LED industrial and mining lamp. 

At present, the UFO high bay light is suitable for explosion-proof lamp and anti-corrosion lamp used in industrial plants, gymnasiums, large shopping malls, supermarkets and special environment.

Features of UFO high bay light

1, long life, there is no filament and electrode in the bulb, lamp life fluorspar only depends on natural attenuation of phosphor, it is one of the longest service life among all light source, the design life of 1 billion hours (normal use for 10 years), since life is 50 times that of incandescent lamp, metal halide lamp.

2, high efficiency and energy saving, high luminous efficiency, energy saving effect is good, photosynthetic efficiency is more than 65 lm/W, 5 times the incandescent lamp, compared with the ordinary incandescent lamp energy saving more than 80%, as a result of electronic high-frequency generator, low consumption, the same effect is equal to high frequency electrodeless metal halide lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, energy saving more than 30%.

3. Green and environment-friendly, no flicker, low glare, completely eliminate eye fatigue, use solid mercury agent, 99% recovery of mercury alloy material, it is a true pollution-free green light source.

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