high mast lighting

High Mast Lighting: Generally refers to 15 meters above the steel cone-shaped light pole and high-power modular lamp frame composed of a new lighting device. It consists of lamp caps, internal lamps, electrical, rod and basic parts. Lamp shape can be based on user requirements, the surrounding environment, lighting needs specific; Interior lamps are composed of floodlight and cast light, the light source uses Zhihai 400W high-pressure led flood light, the illumination radius reaches 60 meters.

The rod body is generally tapered single structure, which is made of steel plate, and the height is 15-40 meters, and it is composed of two or more sections. are now advocating a comprehensive campaign, that sports field is to provide sports venues, whether it is daytime or night can see the stadium of people, the night often see a lot of running, playing, playing ball figure, that sports field must have lighting equipment can, high pole lamp is we often see the sports field lighting equipment, It would not have been worth the night without the lighting of the high pole light. LED high mast lighting in the sports field will be too bright will affect the sight of people, less is not good will not see clearly. 

So it needs a number of high pole lamp This will be specific problems specific analysis, to consider the area of the stadium, high pole lamp pole division, brightness requirements. If you focus on energy-saving and brightness, you can choose the high pole lamp, its light source is a new energy-saving lighting source, in the case of the same lighting effect, high pole lamp can be more than other high pole Lantern Festival can be about 70%, than the LED energy saving about 20%.

On the premise that the same illumination effect is required, the general use of 150W high-pressure high pole lamp can replace 400W other lights, power factor can reach 0.99, very energy-saving, but also support repeated thermal start-up, is very suitable for road lighting, plant lighting, workshop lighting, factories and mines lighting, park lighting, high pole lighting, intelligent lighting. The high pole lamp plays a vital role in the sports field, if the lighting with ordinary lights must be no such effect, not up to the height of the lighting wattage, the number of high pole lamp is to be planned, reasonable use of high mast lighting poles, play due diligence.

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