high mast lighting

We know that many places now install high mast light are using the kind of take-off and landing, because it is more relaxed in the installation or maintenance, not to use the platform to reach twenty or thirty meters or even higher places, the danger is too high. With the automatic lifting system, the problem ceases to exist.

The conditions of the purchase unit in the lamp pole height reached more than 18 meters began to use lifting equipment. Then sometimes because of high pole lamp pole height low caliber and wall thickness size too small can not fit the lifting system how to do? 

Then it is more expensive to spend more money, for personal safety and more investment is reasonable. Installation of lifting equipment, the led high mast light suddenly become flexible, and fixed high pole lamp can only continue to use the old way to go through the platform, but to look back to find a such a large platform to spend how much money? Personal security hidden trouble is how much money can not change?

How much is a lifting device?

If the bill is open to the understanding of the people immediately understand, save a lot of complicated procedures after the installation process is very beautiful and in place to ensure security.

With the lifting of the high pole lamp maintenance with the remote control automatically to drop, to a certain height from the ground after the people can almost stand on the ground can be replaced, greatly convenient, saving time, human energy.

On the contrary, nothing with lifting equipment is more than anything. So is there a need for a stationary high mast lighting?

 To be honest, it’s not necessary. Because the high pole lamp is not compared with other small street lamp installation process simple no complex process, it installs before, installs, installs after all needs to carry on many meticulous work, may say that time consuming and laborious. In fact, the cost of assorted is usually more than one.

Moreover, now is not so expensive than the previous set of lifting equipment, the market price is only thousands of yuan, even if the caliber of the led high mast lighting to enlarge some of the size of a lot of not many, from the long-term consideration of the proposal or as far as possible with Take-off and landing bar.

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