LED flood lights

LED lamp beads too high temperature may go out, for the following reasons:

1, LED has an internal gold wire Weld, thermal expansion and contraction of the reason, when lit for a period of time after the expansion of the LED led out of the gold out of the gold line, turn off the temperature decreases, the gold line has contact with the light-emitting chip of led flood lights, LED lit again.

Test method, the LED suddenly goes out press a button LED, will see it will press it, the amount of power output voltage, see if there is more than 9V voltage, if any, should be the LED problem.

2, power quality problems, power supply over-temperature protection is too sensitive, resulting in sometimes bright and sometimes off the problem.

(1) current overload (overload work);

(2) power on the capacitor problem;

(3) other welding problems.

3, Weld Weld, LED pad or lead pad Weld.

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