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Will There Be A Trend In Lighting At The Four Corners Of The Hockey Rink?

A modern hockey rink must have good lighting environment, ensure visual effect, meet the lighting requirements of the spectator, the participants and the television broadcast. So, do you really know how the lighting of the hockey rink is designed? Small make up today to popularize the hockey rink lighting quadrangle layout!

The hockey field is illuminated at four corners

The lighting fixtures at the four corners of the hockey field are arranged at the four corners of the hockey field in a concentrated form in combination with the light poles. To this day, many of the lighting facilities of the hockey rink are arranged at the four corners of the rink. This arrangement is suitable for hockey rinks with no canopy or low canopy height. This way lighting utilization rate is low, maintenance and repair is difficult, high cost.

The discharge project-light lamp to the hockey rink center should not be less than 25 ° Angle with the ground, to determine the height of the light pole, therefore, light pole distance is different from the centre of the hockey rink light pole height is different; Hockey rink bottom line midpoint and hockey rink bottom line outward into 10 ° Angle (with television into 15 ° Angle), hockey midpoint between the lines and edges outward into 5 ° Angle after the intersection of two phase extension area for the arrangement of the triangle formed by the light pole position. A suitable lighting distribution can be formed on the field of hockey by using the projection of various beam angle throw lamps.

The unique design in the hockey field lighting , can the four-corner lighting of hockey field be used in large area?

Improvement measures for hockey field lighting

But television now requires a higher and more uniform vertical illumination, and requires far less Angle of light from the far side of the hockey rink than is required. As a result of the use of large gas discharge lamps to obtain the higher brightness of the impact, coupled with the height of the traditional lamp pole, it is inevitable to produce excessive glare.

The disadvantages of this kind of four-angle lamp are: the visual change range of different viewing directions is large, the shadow is deep, from color TV transmission, want to satisfy each direction perpendicular illuminance, want to control dazzle well again, it is quite difficult indeed. In order to meet Ev/Eh ratio requirements and reduce glare, it is necessary to take some improvement measures for the four-corner lighting of hockey rink.

(1) move the four-corner position to both sides and out of the sideline so that the opposite and the four corners of the hockey field can obtain certain vertical illumination.

(2) increase the number of casting lights on the lamp pole on the direction side of the main TV camera to enhance the beam projection.

(3) add light belt lighting to the grandstand on the side of the main TV camera, and control the glare. Audiences at both ends of the hockey field should not be aware of it.

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