LED flood lights 400w

Recently, Zhejiang Luqiao completed the construction of steel pavement asphalt paving, wooden sidewalk pavement, landscape lighting and other ancillary works, and through the professional testing agencies load test, decided to resume operation at 20:00 today. Zhejiang Road and Bridge using flood lighting, the introduction of “green lighting” design concept, the installation of hidden lamps, the light softer, more artistic sense.

The entire bridge landscape lighting is divided into multiple levels, LED flood light outline the outline of the bridge, under the fish chord trusses linear outline, so that people can see in the distance, Zhejiang Road and Bridge lying on the river.

LED floodlights installed in the cross belly pole cross, the light hidden in the rod installed inside the light beam to the lateral bridge lateral, with contrast, soft and not dazzling. The LED light source is highlighted two-lane fish belly, lively and clever, against the backdrop of the night, the bridge is like a fish in the sky above the sparkling water jump leaps and bounds, greatly increasing the night bridge viewing.

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