300w led flood light

Xi’an Zhihai Power Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing floodlights manufacturers, floodlights professional manufacturer – 300w led floodlights debut, products from a variety of scenarios showcase, take you into the floodlight world, immersive, Feel extraordinary, has won praise from foreign businessmen and industry professionals, becoming one of the most brilliant exhibitors.

The application scene display products, combined with the harmony of people, things, light, the main show stadium lighting, billboard lighting, building lighting, landscape lighting, factory lighting.

The flag of the floodlights with high light source, high reflector, high transmittance glass, high conversion efficiency of power to create high-brightness LED floodlights, the latest heat pipe cooling technology, high-quality accessories for quality assurance, highlighting the banner Photovoltaic LED floodlights are more refined and more professional.

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