300W led flood lights

There is a good news that the visors / light spillage guard for all Zhihai Genius Series LED Flood Lights now areavailable.This new design can be helpful to reduce light spillage & glareand make the most use of the lighting. Some pictures are as below for your reference.

Thelights complete with visors / light spillage guardare muchhigh-efficiencywhen using for some applications than that without Visor. For example 300W LED Flood Lightin 15 or 20 degree beam angle for use on tennis courts, bowling greens and some small games areas, this versatile floodlight performs very well on 8m lighting poles. Using multiple floodlights to achieve high uniformity with low glare.

400W LED Flood Light in 15 or 20 degree beam anglefor use onsmaller sports grounds and courts,much suitable forusing on lighting columns of 8m – 10m inheight.Wonderful for multi use games areas,five a side pitches and basketball courts. And 400W LED Flood Light in 120 degree beam angle much suitable for heights of below 7m which can be used for some smallsports fields.

And 1000W LED Flood Lightin 15 or 20 degree beam angleare ideal for lagre stadiums such as hockey, football and ruby pitches. Much suitable for the poles / high mast with heights of 12m-45m.

In addition to sports courts / stadiums use, this new design also suitable for marine use, plaza use and other special areas as you like.

If you have any comments or any interest of the lights with this visor, please do not hesitate to contact us at email: info@razorlux.com.

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